Ironically enough, many of us start talking about retirement when we begin our first job. During our orientation on the first day, we are asked to decide how much money we would like to put into a retirement plan and how we would like it to be invested.

There are many different types of investments. We should select our investments based upon our individual risk tolerance, return expectations, and retirement time horizon. It is also important that we consider how we have invested money in our other accounts, including spouse's retirement plans, savings accounts, and certificates of deposit.

Our investment strategies may change as we near retirement. Once we have a plan in place, it is important that we review it regularly with our financial advisor.

Ask Yourself…

  • Does my employer offer a retirement plan? If so, do they offer an employer match?
  • Are there tax benefits for having an additional retirement account outside of my employer-sponsored program?
  • Have I recently reviewed the strategies in all of my retirement and investment accounts with my financial advisor?

Start Planning Your Retirement Today

Taking the first step is often the hardest part. That's why we put together a Retirement Checklist to help you get started.

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