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Bill Pay Account

An individual may elect to have the Trust Department collect their monthly income and pay their monthly expenses. We provide this service to customers who are no longer able to manage their daily finances or who don't have the time for this tedious task.


In circumstances where an individual is unable to handle their financial affairs due to physical or mental incapacity, the Trust Department can serve as a conservator. We perform such responsibilities as investing assets, collecting monthly income, and paying expenses.

Custody Account

A custody account with the Trust Department offers our customers the opportunity to consolidate accounts. Our responsibilities include safekeeping of your securities, collecting dividend and income payments, executing buy and sell order, and maintaining accurate records of your investment account.

Trust Administration

Choosing who will be the successor trustee of your trust is an important and often difficult decision. Your trustee must be knowledgeable in investments, tax, and trust administration. Isabella Bank can act as your trustee. We offer professional knowledge and expertise, are held to a higher standard of care, and are an impartial third party.

Estate Administration

Your personal representative is responsible for following the instructions of your will, collecting estate assets, maintaining records, paying expenses, reporting to probate court, and filing taxes. The complexity of these tasks often makes it a burden to name a family member. Naming one family member over another may also cause conflict among your family.

You can avoid this by naming Isabella Bank as your personal representative. We will administer your estate in accordance with your wishes and help maintain family unity.

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