Online Banking

Tips for Our Graduating Seniors

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Must be 18 years or older to open a checking account.

1. Set a Budget  

Walk your senior through how to create a budget; write down their monthly income and expenses.  They will need to manage their necessary expenses such as rent and groceries while pacing their spending on other expenses like eating out and shopping.  Sticking to a planned budget will help their funds stretch longer through the semester.

2. Find the Right Account

The right checking account will offer tools such as direct deposit, debit cards, eStatements, online banking, mobile banking, and text alerts that help keep track of their money.

3. Save for the Unexpected

Unexpected expenses such as car repairs, computer problems or an unplanned trip home can disrupt a budget.  Encourage your senior to set up a savings account to be prepared for emergencies.

4. Use Credit Wisely

Your senior will soon be inundated with credit card offers.  Now is a great time to discuss the importance of saving for large purchases, or if they need to use a credit card, stress the importance of paying it off quickly to avoid costly interest charges.


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