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As more businesses move to high deductible health insurance plans, we have seen a growing number of our
customers asking for help with Health Savings Account's to complement their existing programs.

If you currently have or are considering a high deductible health plan, you will find information about our Health Savings Account below:


   Health Savings Account
Minimum Opening Deposit $0
Minimum Balance to Avoid Fee $0
Monthly Service Fee $0
Interest Tiered Rate
Online & Mobile Banking* Free.
MasterCard® Debit Card Free

Employee Benefits

  • Control - No pre-authorization for services
  • Flexibility - Can be used toward many different health care costs
  • Portability - If you leave, it goes with you
  • Contributions made with pre-tax dollars
  • No use it or lose it policy as with traditional flex spending accounts

Employer Benefits

  • Give money directly to employees; your contributions are made with pre-tax dollars.
  • Reduce insurance premiums by switching to a HSA qualified high deductible plan.
  • Utilize Isabella Bank’s cash management service to deposit into all employee accounts at once.
  • Isabella Bank provides a binder for each employee to keep track of their health care expenditures.


* Mobile Banking is a free service offered by Isabella Bank; however, third party data and text messaging rates may apply.  Please contact your mobile provider for details.