Online Banking

Protect Yourself From Online Fraud

While nothing is foolproof, following these guidelines as well as having a general awareness of the potential threats will greatly reduce your risk of being a victim of fraud.  Commercial account holders should perform a periodic assessment of their internet banking procedures and evaluate the controls they have in place to reduce the risks they identify.

Use Anti-Virus Software.

This is one of the most important things you can do to protect your computer from viruses. There are many on the market today. Be sure you only purchase or use Anti-Virus protections from a reputable company.

Keep your Operating System up-to-date with the latest security patches.

Check the website of your operating system for updates and security patches. Some systems allow you to set automatic updates.

Never click on a link from a business requesting that you provide them with personal information.

Keep in mind that no reputable business will ever email you requesting that you update your personal information, including account numbers, system passwords or Social Security Numbers via a link to their site.

Change your passwords often.

We recommend changing your password every 30 or 60 days.

Do not use the same ID and PIN or Password for other online accounts.

Never store your ID and Password information where others could gain access to it, and do not disclose your login credentials to other people or companies.

A dedicated computer used specifically for online banking activity is highly recommended.

The dedicated computer should never be used to “surf” the internet, access websites or read email. The only internet access allowed should be signing on your internet banking account.

Avoid accessing your online banking accounts via a wireless network, unless you are certain it is secure.

If you have a wireless router at home, ensure it is locked. You should avoid using public computers but if you do, do not store your user name or password for future visits. Be sure to log off and, if possible, shut down the computer before you leave it.

Businesses should take advantage of tokens.

Isabella Bank offers hard tokens which provide a unique one time use password each time you access your cash management account online.



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