Account Balancing Assistance (per hour) $40.00
Account Closed Within 90 Day of Opening $20.00
Account Research Fee (per hour) $40.00
ATM Surcharges (foreign card at our ATM) $3.00
Bill Pay Fee monthly Fees (Non Personal Accts Only) $4.00
Bill Pay per item fees (Non Personal Accts Only) $0.44
Bill Pay per item fees (Personal Accts Only, check account disclosure to see if applicable) $0.50
Official Checks $3.00
Chargeback Fee $5.00
Check Cashing Fees:
Non-Customer with Amounts of $1.00 - $1,500 $10.00
Non-Customer with Amounts of $1500.01 and more $15.00
Non-Customer Tax Refund Checks up to $1,000 $30.00
Non-Customer Tax Refund Checks over $1,000 $60.00
Check Images with Statement $2.00
Consecutive Daily Overdraft Fee* $5.00
Corporate Cash Management (monthly) $25.00
Per File Fee $5.00
One-time Set Up Fee $100.00
Token (per user) Fee $20.00
Gift Card / Reloadable Cards $4.00/$5.95
Dormant Account Monthly Fee $5.00
Fax (1st page) $2.00
Additional Pages (each) $1.00
Foreign Currency Transaction (in addition to registered mail charge)** $10.00
Garnishment/Tax Levy $55.00
Incoming & Outgoing Collections Fee (in addition to registered mail charge) $10.00
Interim Statement $2.00
Money Orders / Official Check $3.00
Notary Fee (non customer) $5.00
Outgoing Wire $25.00
Outgoing International Wire $40.00
Paid Non-sufficient Funds Fees $32.00
Paid Overdraft Item Fee $32.00
Paper Statement Fee $3.00
Photocopy (per page) $0.25
Replacement ATM and Debit Card $5.00
Return Item Fee $32.00
Safe Deposit Box Late Fee (after 30 days past due) $10.00
Stop Payment (each) $32.00
Temporary Checks*** $2.00
Travelers Cheques (calculated on purchase amount) 1%

*An account overdrawn for 10 consecutive days will be charged a daily overdraft fee of $5.00 starting on the 11th day. The fee will continue to assess daily until the account is no longer overdrawn. The fee will not post on days with new activity. Health Savings and Electronic Transfer Accounts are not affected by this fee.

**Applies to those sent as collection items NOT for Canadian exchange of funds.

***First order is free and additional orders may be charged.