Bank Fraud Scams

Fraudsters are relentless in their development of scams to outsmart the existing authentication controls put in place to protect personal and account information. 

The banking industry has seen increase in the number of text message and phone call scams. In ongoing scams, they are impersonating Isabella Bank and other financial institutions in an attempt to mislead consumers into sharing their personal and account information. Please be aware that these attempts are a scam and it is important YOU DO NOT provide any information to them. 

As your trusted banking partner, Isabella Bank understands the importance of protecting your personal and account information. We have many layers of security in place to keep our customers’ information safe, and protecting that information is paramount to all of us.

If you believe you have received a text or phone call that might be a scam, please hang up and call us directly at 800.651.9111. For more information and tips on how to protect your personal information, please visit

To learn more about phishing scams and how to spot them, please visit the American Bankers Association’s Banks Never Ask That website.